Passive Keyless Entry System (PKE)

Imagine this: Its cold outside, its lashing down with rain, you have your children with you or your loaded up head to toe with shopping bags and your un able to hunt for your car keys as you dont want to put your bags on the floor, at the same time your children are screaming that there getting wet.

shopper-with-shopping-bags-136380977197103901-130606153637     been in this situation before?

Want to magically unlock the car doors?

Well look no further! Whitehorse Auto Styling can install PKE to your vehicle!! no more looking for your keys, just walk up to your car and it will unlock!! But thats not all! The system also has anti hi jack, when the engine is running and one of the doors have been opened, the system will go into hi jack mode. give the car to the theif, they will get no further than 2 mins down the road, as the car will come to a halt and immobilises the car and sounds the alarm!

car alarm, pke, anti hijack all in one!

Your pride and joy will be safe! but most of all the theif is away from your love ones keeping them out of harmes way!

copy the link in your browser to see the system in action!

Give us a call today and protect your love ones and your pride and joy!

installed at our workshop in westbury, wiltshire. telephone:01373 824073