DRL’s (Day Running Lights)

DRL’s were introduced by law to all vehicles registered after 2011.

Daytime running lights are designed to come on automatically when the engine is started – all other lights should remain off.

Daytime running lights must be bright enough so that they can be seen clearly in daylight. Daytime running lights should turn off automatically when headlights or sidelights are switched on.

Daytime running lights don’t have to be separate lights – some car manufacturers combine them with the front position lamps (side lights) in which case the daytime running lights will dim when the headlights are turned on.

At Whitehorse Auto Styling we use the latest LED technology.


Above is a Cree LED with SMD led. equivalent to a 40w halogen bulb.


In some cases we use a bank of SMD LED where space is a problem.



We can integrate your lights to run DRL’s, keeping the looks of your vehicle.




During the day the lights will be on, when side lights are switched on the DRL’s will switch off and front fog light resume normal operation.

*The kit above is only available to vehicles fitted with front fog lights*


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